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Frank Bria

Co-owner of Bear Adventures with my husband, Greg. I'm a veteran travel who has visited every 50 of the US States, most of Europe, much of Asia and South Africa. I'm an expert in Luxury and Adventure travel with a focus on travel for active gay men who want to be pampered. I'm an expert in European and spa/resort travel. I am also talented at finding the unique, never before heard of places that you'll be able to brag about for years after.

Gay travel Barcelona and Sitges in Spain

Gay Travel Barcelona: Unlock the Romantic and the Stimulating

Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Catalonia in Spain, has long been known as a welcoming and inclusive destination for LGBTQ+ travelers. With its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals, and accepting culture, gay travel Barcelona is a must-do compared to all of your other LGBTQ+ options. Barcelona boasts a thriving LGBTQ+ scene, with… Read More »Gay Travel Barcelona: Unlock the Romantic and the Stimulating

The best time to go to Cappadocia

The best time to go to Cappadocia

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